My Life's most precious jewels

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Recently, I was asked to share some story behind my jewelries; where I got them, when, and what certain time do these pieces represent in my life. It was then that I have come to reminisce some of the memories attached to my most prized jewels and how meaningful they are to me.

Growing up, I was used to seeing my parents arrange their small boxes filled with jewels from gold rings, bracelets, fox tail necklaces, anklets, and the like since jewelries have been a part of my dad's job for the last twenty years. Back then, I didn't really paid much attention to these pieces. I was not fond of wearing jewelries and accessories until my dad decided to give me a golden ring on my 16th birthday...

My dad told me to take very good care of it because jewelries are something that must be kept for a very long time, aside from the fact that they serve as a good investment, they signify important memories and things in every persons' lives. It was then that I have come to appreciate such pieces, I take utmost care of my ring because to me it represents my dad's love for the family. Every family member - my mom, my two siblings, and I - each of us received a piece of jewelry from dad. He gave each of us heirlooms to save and take care of.

The other ring (silver), was originally my mom's but she later on decided to give it to me. Funny 'cause it didn't quite fit me though (it was a bit big) that's why I wear it often but still, I appreciate the fact that my mom gave me one of her prized possessions telling me, "this one's one of my faves, but I'm giving it to you. Save this one and consider it as a momento and a gift from me"

Now I have a growing collection of jewelries and it elates me knowing that these jewelries mean something in my life than just pure accessories.

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