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Frances started her blogging ventures on Tumblr (November 2010) and then later on moved to blogspot on June 2014. This blog is a record of her musings, thoughts, lifestyle, and adventures. 

Frances is a teen recessionista residing in Manila, Philippines and is currently an Accounting student at the University of the East, Manila. She has an interest in fashion and food, and wishes to share her sartorial adventures through blogging. She loves trying out new things, tasting foods new to her palette, meeting new people, and travelling to amazing places. Frances also has an undying passion for art and photography. She usually spends her free time designing and sketching random stuff (such as clothes and/or people) with the hope that one day she will become a professional fashion designer (or interior designer). She loves discovering and learning new things by herself, and is always into adventures. Join her as she shares a piece of her personal life through Recessionista