Cafe Shibuya

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 One of my favorite things to do aside from traveling, is discovering new cafes. I'm a foodie and caffeine is my drug. I have a thing for coffee, tea, sweets, and pastries especially red velvet and cheesecakes! Before the month of March ended, my bestie and I decided to hang out and chill at Cafe Shibuya's new branch at Trinoma.

The cafe is actually open, located along the mall's hallway. The staff were very accommodating and the place is neat and cutesy in their wooden chairs and tables - korean style. Not to mention their newspaper-style Menu, very creative!

We got dessert toasts in three different flavors: Mango caramel, Strawberry matcha, and Ferrero hazelnut. Sounds mouth watering eh? well indeed they are! Cafe Shibuya has been famous with their toasts because of its uniqueness. Compared to normal toasts these are bigger, and tastier! Plus they have a wide variety of toasts to choose from.

To go with our toasts we also had Matcha green tea frappe and not included in the picture, we also tried their Summer garden pasta which is a basil pasta topped with mozzarella, tomatoes, and bed of olive oil. It's a little spicy for me but nevertheless the pasta was great.

Cafe Shibuya's located at Trinoma, 2/F near FredPerry
Main branch: UP Town Center, Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City



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I know I have been using this excuse to almost every event: SCHOOL. I'm not a geek or anything but I have set this one on top of my list of priorities. Anyway, this will be a late post and by late, I mean three-months-late post hah! can you guess how busy I have become during the semester?

My semester has just ended and I'm sooo happy and excited for summer break (not to mention my summer classes) it's the time of the year to go out and have adventures with your friends and/or family, dye your hair, drink fruit shakes while skinny dippin' on the pool, or even eat a box of pizza while laying on bed watching chick flick movies all day!
These were actually taken last Holiday break! And I only had the time to post it this summer break woah. Well obviously, I love black. Black for me is such a happy color and I love how it could go well with any other colors like you can go with black & white, black & gray, or even a black on black outfit for a more edgy look.

And guess what, this whole ensemble (including the shoes) costs only Php1000! Hah, talk about cheap finds!

top & shorts - Bottomline
cut out boots - Kuripot Queen (online shop)