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Hooray for summer outings! But I had more than just an outing out of town, my family and I stayed on the southern part of the country to spend {almost} a month of our vacation. Feels good to inhale fresh air, and escape from the complications of living in the city. 

Welcome to my hometown! Surigao Del Norte, a province in the south which depicts the beauty and wonders of nature. It has countless ravishing islands and breath taking beaches anyone would surely enjoy and appreciate. One thing I realized while staying in this place is that there are a lot of beautiful places in the country yet to be discovered, the problem with us is that we stick too much to places that are already renowned (Boracay, Palawan and the like) we do not explore what is beyond, that there is also something  there yet to be seen and this place is an example of what I was pointing out.

First travel destination was at Mount Maragabon. This place is famous for its beach, but wait, it is not just an ordinary beach because instead of sand, it has rocks and pebbles!

Aside from going to this place to relax, the gang also chose this place to *drumrolls* celebrate my 18th year! What a unique way to celebrate my birthday! Hooray for fruits and Filipino foods

We also went Island hopping at Siargao!!! The beaches were breath-taking!

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