Plains n' Grids

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Summer classes are officially over! Finally had the time to go out and unwind just a week before my semester starts. I definitely deserve this after all the stress and cramming that I have drowned into in the past months, it was totally a struggle.

Given the striking summer heat, which makes it more irritating to go outside since I'm not a fan of sun bathing and the like, it took me a while to pick out my outfit. I first thought of putting on some jeans and a black top but naaah, I won't feel comfy in them since it's hot. I finally decided to go for some skorts and a cropped top with a lighter shade (of black lol) plus my latest pair of croc skin slip-ons that gave my ootd a touch of edge & street-style.

Strolling around the city made comfortable with my slip ons! I sooo love them *heart eyes emoji* and to fight sunlight - the fashionable way, yasss to sunnies. Mine was bought by my mom and I love how it perfectly suits my face shape - which is round. It was then that I realized people with round-shaped faces should wear sunnies with pointed edges or square-y in shape to lessen the emphasis on the roundess of the face. Geez, thanks mom!

sunnies - Pacific Blue
ribbed cropped top - murashopph (instagram shop)
necklace - H&M
grid skorts - Bottomline
slip ons - Primadonna
sling bag - Mango



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Our university's summer vacay has just begun but instead of boring myself at home I decided to take advance classes this summer. A few months from now I will be a graduating student and I don't want to waste any time, I gotta be productive. Given a short time for vacation, my clique and I decided to bond at an Art Museum somewhere in Antipolo. 

In picking out outfits one should always remember that comfort always goes on top of the list. Before I plan outfits I always consider the place I'm going to, the type of event, and the weather (well, weather's mostly sunny here in the Philippines so...) Knowing it's summer I have come up with this simple ensemble. Comfy yet stylish! You can never go wrong with basics.

ribbed crop top - murashop (instagram shop)
highwaist jeggings - forever 21
necklaces - forever 21
watch - esprit