Somewhere in between

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Summer season is over! (at least here in the Philippines), time to grab some sweaters and pullovers for the cold season a.k.a rainy season. Since this is a tropical country, there seems to have a love-hate relationship between our weather. You come look outside your window and its raining so hard, and the next thing you'll know it's already scorching hot again and the cycle repeats at least thrice a day which started to annoy me. I never get to decide on what kind of outfit to wear for the inconsistent and very moody weather.

Luckily, last week, H&M held their 3-day Sale and my mom got the chance to haul some brand new clothes for me! *squeals* she bought various tops which are mostly "basic" and this knitted top was a stand-out for me and is one of my faves. It is a light-type of sweater which is so comfy, plus sooo chic with its back deets. Perfect for the cold-hot weather ;)

top - H&M
necklace - Forever 21
shorts - Bottomline
slip ons - Primadonna